The Journey Thus Far... (Part 1)

The Journey Thus Far... (Part 1)

When we first started out creating dioramas, we had no idea what we were doing. They were clunky, cumbersome, and impractical. As time has progressed, so has our methods. The Smuggler's Retreat (see image) was our first foray into professional diorama crafting.

Smuggler's Dio 1.0

Photo: @Workmoreorless)

Whilst it had heart, it definitely was missing some key components to make it film accurate.


Jason had connected us with a legendary artist and designer, who could take our craft to the next level. We collaborated and came up with an diorama set that was accurate to the source material and also unique on its own. The 2.0 version of the Smuggler's Retreat was wildly successful and had over 35 preorders internationally. 

This playset included parts that were 3D-printed as well as traditional xps foam construction. This was a labor of love and the photography from the customers that followed was nothing short of extraordinary. Here's some of our favorites:


(Photo cred: @Blksrs)

(Photo cred: @Swittpics)

(Photo cred: @Workmoreorless)

Check in soon for the rest of the story!


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